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2016-2020 global LED packaging equipment market analysis

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According to the newly released 2016-2020 Technavio global LED packaging equipment market report, LED packaging equipment market is expected to grow steadily in the 2% annual compound growth rate, by 2020 the total revenue will be more than $. The report believes that the emergence of COB technology is one of the main reasons for the future growth of the market for some time.
LED COB has the characteristics of large illumination area, good heat management, uniform brightness, energy saving, high density, so its application is more and more, so that the new advanced LED packaging technology is needed to replace the old packaging equipment.
LED packaging process requires LED testing, while the test equipment is also used for raw material inspection, process monitoring and control, as well as end product testing. Over the next few years, the market for the increase in demand for LED will also promote the growth of the packaging equipment market.
The report is expected to 2016-2020 Asia Pacific region will be the main market for LED packaging equipment, to 2020 market share of about 88%.

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