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Company Profile
Zhongshan Guzhen City Skyart Lighting electrical appliance factory created in 1994, sharp brand is one of the world's leading manufacturer of intelligent products, we have to choose the most extensive indoor intelligent products, with a variety of different products solution for every application and every environment design. Is a neighbor before industry professional R & D, design and production of the human body infrared sensor products, low power of the human infrared sensor equipped with LED and solar energy products, LED infrared sensor switch and LED infrared sensor ceiling lamps, high microwave (radar) sensor products, led microwave (radar) sensor ceiling lamps, controlled by sound and light products and led acousto-optic lighting etc. Products supporting enterprises. The company is based on technical strength, the use of scientific means of production and modern management model. More than and 10 years has been committed to research and development of real energy saving, convenient sensor products. Enterprise under the leadership of chairman, strengthen internal management, expand the marketing network, with advanced production equipment, strong technical force, and improve the means of detection and strict quality management system, and the best after-sales service, customer satisfaction. Products in the design of research and development, modeling, technology applications and the perfect combination of modern decoration. Skyart lighting to show the world its most innovative and creative products, perfect to explain the concept of efficient intelligent energy saving.
We have passed the 3C certification and CE certification in Australia, the company's products best-selling all over the world, to "the credibility of honesty, win by quality" concept, the pursuit is long-term customers and trading relationship, common development, to achieve "win-win". Sincerely welcome people from all walks of life presence, business negotiations. 


Product Advantage
We provide an industry wide range of LED lighting smart combinations for institutional and indoor commercial lighting applications. Keen brand commercial lighting, including intelligent sensor LED lighting and conversion kits and hidden switch with LED lamp. Our LED sensor lamp and sensor products are recognized as high quality, reliable and stable performance, the use Skyart lighting products, the most designated brands.


Service Tenet
Keen brand is the world's leading manufacturer of lighting control and lighting. We have the most extensive indoor intelligent sensor product selection, with a variety of LED sensor products and sensor products for each application and each environment design solutions. Our features are supporting commercial and residential building areas, corporate offices, schools and hotels. Our diverse sensor smart mix can be tailored to every possible customer.


Sensor Technology
Acuity brands provide a complete intelligent sensor products, emergency sensor provides a full line of reduce configuration, with quick disconnect wire harness connection, the installation is quick and easy, such LED sensor power supply system for the special environment of commercial and industrial applications through the skyart lighting products.



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